The Official Bitcoin Directory: Quality Websites that Accept Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (internet money) that is taking the World by storm!  Everyday more businesses are accepting Bitcoin as payment.  This is a comprehensive list of high quality online websites and retailers that use Bitcoin or accept Bitcoin as payment.

Gift Cards

eGifter Use bitcoins to buy a wide variety of gift cards

Food Food delivery in major cities including New York, Boston and many more  Specialize in foods made for emergency or survival purposes

Cigars and Smoking Accessories  Seller of an extensive range of Cuban cigars

Clothing Great selection of products available  Sneaker auctions and store   i.e. Air Jordan`s  Thai handmade goods and men`s and women`s apparel

Jewelry  B.C. based discount fashion jewelry and luxury goods

Travel One of the top travel booking companies

Home & Garden  Seller of fruit and vegetable seeds

Health  Free weights and work out equipment for everything

Fishing and Camping  Survival kits, camping supplies and much more

Small Business  Premier blogging site Online shops for small businesses Satellite TV and internet service


*I will be updating this list frequently.  Please leave a comment if you have a site I should consider for this list or if a site on this list ceases to accept Bitcoin.

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